Privacy Policy

This Policy applies to ALL members.

By joining the Society, you are agreeing to this policy.

What we store: NVBS stores only your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information is necessary to send out newsletters, and to contact you about your membership status or upcoming events. This information is kept electronically by the NVBS Membership Chairperson and Treasurer.

Our policy: NVBS does not share personal information with any other organization of any kind. Membership data is not available on the website nor is it stored on a web server. The only exception to this policy is as it applies to law enforcement agencies.

Membership Directory: Our membership directory is published once a year and distributed only to active NVBS members in good standing. If you do NOT wish to have your contact information published in the membership directory, please indicate your preference on the membership application when you renew or apply for membership.

Member Obligation: We respectfully request that all NVBS members abide by this privacy policy. The membership directory my not be used for any purposes other than contacting fellow members for NVBS business. By joining or renewing your membership in NVBS, you agree to abide by this policy both now and in perpetuity.

Third Parties: NVBS occasionally interacts with third parties on behalf of the membership. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Vendors: NVBS receives information from bead-related businesses via email which is often shared with the members, but we do NOT release any private information to these third party vendors.

Instructors: NVBS often invites artists of interest to do presentations and/or workshops. We do not provide them with personal information; only a name and email address is required to sign up for a class or workshop. However, the instructors may request contact information directly from participating members.

Any member who wishes to establish a relationship with a third party may do so at their own discretion. It is up to the individual NVBS member to decide whether and how much personal information to provide to the third parties described above. Please note that NVBS cannot be responsible for what any business or entity outside the organization does with personal information provided by you, the member.

Law Enforcement: The NVBS reserves the right to cooperate fully with state, local and federal officials on any investigation relating to its website or the contents thereof (including personal or private electronic communication transmitted on the web site) or purported illegal activities of any user.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy you may contact us via email.