Kim Stathis

April 8-10, 2022

April 8 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Oh Ring Bracelet


OH Ring Bracelet Class Workshop Kim Stathis April 2022

Beadwork rings are connected together to form the bracelet strap. An attractive pattern of pearl-filled rings and open rings bring interest and complexity to the overall design. Bicone crystals fill the connection areas between the beadwork rings for additional sparkle. A handmade pearl-embellished closure finishes off the bracelet ends and connects together with sewn on snaps.

Level:  Intermediate
Kit Cost:  Retail $145. Additional shipping cost of $9.30.
Colorways:  Green/Teal, Gold/Lavender, Silver/Blue

Class Cost:  $95



April 9-10 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Trillium Necklace


Trillium Necklace Class Workshop Kim Stathis April 2022

The pendant for the Trillium Necklace is made up of three bezeled Marquise Crystals that emulate the basic three-petal shape of Trillium flowers. The backs of the bezeled Marquise Crystals are beaded to protect the coating that give the Marquise Crystals their beautiful coloring. The necklace straps are made using a modified chenille stitch and embellished with a pearl component. The main stitch used to make the bezels for the Marquise Crystals is peyote stitch. Herringbone stitch is used for the herringbone loop that connects the pendant to the necklace strap. The necklace strap is a continuous loop without a clasp.

Level:  Advanced
Stitches Used:  peyote, herringbone, chenille
Kit Cost:  Retail $165. Additional shipping cost of $9.30.
Colorways:  Mauve, Turquoise, Green

Class cost: $185