Cliff Swain-Salomon

September 10-12, 2021

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September 10, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Designed in honor of Cliff’s mother-in-law and her favorite flower, this necklace features a large Swarovski crystal adorned by layers of fringe and lifelike petals. On either side of the pendant is a blown glass horn that definitely makes this piece a showstopper. Each element of the flower is designed to mimic the actual anatomy of a Gerbera daisy and although the overall centerpiece is large, it doesn’t lose any of the natural grace and beauty of the flower it is modeled after.

Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: strong Peyote knowledge and RAW

Stitches used: CRAW, flat peyote, tubular peyote, round peyote, Albion Stitch

Thread recommendation: 4lb fishing line, OneG, KO or Hana threads, size 12 and 13 beading needles

Kit Fee: $87. Color choices: White; Vermillion; Note: Horns are not included in the kit.

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September 11th, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Over 180 pearls and crystals come together to make these stunning earrings. They are a nod to the “sautoir” long pearl necklaces with tassels that flappers wore in the 1920s. Typically the jewelry of this time period would incorporate Eastern motifs and gemstones, such as jade or engraved onyx with diamonds. The focal crystal is a fantasy cushion stone, bezeled with a harlequin motif to add a bit of whimsy to these fun
earrings. To construct these earrings, traditional binding and fringing techniques used in passementerie in sixteenth century France are combined with peyote + netted bead weaving to construct these ornate
earrings that can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Tubular Peyote

Stitches used: Peyote, Netting, Branch Fringe

Thread recommendation: OneG, KO or Hana threads, size 12 beading needle

Kit Fee: $95. Color choices: TBD (hope to know in June. Depends on supplier availability.)

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September 12th, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


These orchids were designed in honor of Cliff’s daughter, whose given birth middle name was Orchid, before adopting and gifting her a new name. In ancient Greece, orchids were a symbol of virility + fertility. Due to the flower’s symmetry, in China, they are considered “Lan Hua” or the epitome of human perfection. In Victorian England these flowers were considered symbols of love, which is why he had them as one of his wedding flowers. The Phalænopsis orchid has just over 60 varieties that grow naturally in the wild, which is a small number compared to the over 35,000 species of orchid varieties that naturally exist. To pattern these beaded beauties, Cliff used one of his many orchid plants that he grows, dissecting one of the flowers to ensure it was anatomically correct and true to the original it is patterned after. For those who
are proficient in peyote stitch, this pendant is a great exploration of how to shape flower petals using different peyote techniques. Each flower is made life-sized, true to scale and can be worn as a pendant or adapted to make a beautiful pair of earrings.

Level: Ambitiously Advanced

Prerequisites: Strong Peyote skills

Stitches used: 7 types of peyote, herringbone, PRAW, brick, square, stitch-in-ditch, branch fringe, ladder stitch

Thread recommendation: 4lb fishing line, OneG, KO or Hana threads, size 12 beading needle

Kit Fee: $60. (if buying only the pattern: $10 (+ shipping) printing fee for the 44 page pattern) Color choices: pink/purple/yellow; chartreuse/pink/red-orange; white/yellow; white/red; flamingo/pink/creamsicle